Summer Eye Care: Eight cooked ingredients for healthy and casual eye

Summer heat and the brightness of the sun may hurt your eyes. Drought, itching, dark circle is very common in the summer. Eye allergy can also occur in this season
The viewer is in front of the viewer, they say. But when you are so tired that you can not see it, beauty is lost. Summer heat and sunshine make sports and awake. Dry feeling, burning sensation, itching, dark circle are felt frequently this season and there are things that are very exciting. Eye allergy may also occur. But have a heart! This summer, I will introduce tips for healthy and relaxed eyes just outside the kitchen.

Cold water

The most important thing is the beginning. I often wake up with cold water during the day. This will help you refresh your eyes. Or better: The cotton pad soaked in ice water is placed on top of the eye for about 10 minutes, narrowing the blood vessel and relaxing the eyes.

Aloe vera

Another effective treatment is that the use of Aloe vera is always helpful. Please put aloe vera juice in your eyes and reduce the load of summer. You can also freeze cube-shaped aloe vera juice and put it on the eyelids to brighten dull eyes.

Aloe vera

With some aloe vera juice in the eyes to reduce summer load
Cucumber is another obvious choice that you care about when considering eye care because of its high moisture content. Take a fresh cucumber and cut one slice for each eye. Please put it in your eyes for 15 minutes and relax. It makes me feel completely refreshed by opening my eyes. You can also put the cucumber on the lid if you wish. You can also mix lemon juice and cucumber juice, paint around your eyes and sit for 10 minutes and then wash it. This has the same effect.


Are you worried about swollen eyes and dark circles? Please take low potatoes. Potato juice has a converging nature, alleviates eyelid swelling and guarantees a dark circle. Rub the raw potato and place the pulp on the rag and place it on your eyes. Alternatively, thin slices of peeled potatoes can be placed in each eye for 15 minutes. It provides fluffiness and dark circle. This will help reduce wrinkles!

Potato juice has astringency and relieves eyelid swelling

Is your eyes burning? Let’s get the rose water. A few drops in each eye can help to cool them. Cotton soaked in rose water can also be applied to eyes to eliminate the dark circle. Instead, you can spray rose water in your eyes to cool them.


Strawberry slices on top of the eyes help to activate them. Please put sliced ​​strawberry or crushed mint leaves to refresh your eyes. Mint juice mixes the same amount of cucumber juice under your eyes and reduces dark circle

Tea bag

Next tea bag. The tea bag used is a blessing of tired eyes. After preparing the tea, please put the tea bag in the freezer and stay for a while. Place the cooled tea bag on your eyes for 15 minutes and give it a shiny finish. It also helps to reduce the dark circle. You can also use green tea bags in the above method, prepare green tea or wake up after chilling. This should have the same effect.


Tomatoes are known to brighten the skin and can be applied under the eyes. Mix the pulp with a small amount of lemon juice and turmeric pinch and place it under your eyes. Soak for about 20 minutes, please rinse. It works perfectly.

Tomatoes are known to lighten the skin and can be applied under the eyes

Do not forget that sleep is the best treatment for tired eyes. 6 – 8 hours is mandatory. This will help you relieve the stress you have experienced throughout the day. If in the afternoon nap it is even better if you can do it.
Avoid direct explosion of AC in your eyes. An explosion of the cold may lead to dry, sensitive eyes.
Ultraviolet rays cause many eye problems. It is imperative to protect your eyes from exposure. Please shake your shadow. The biggest one is the best. Make sure they offer UV protection.
Drink plenty of water to hydrate the body and eyes. 6-8 glasses or 2 liters is the recommended dose.
Do not forget to remove all eyes before you sleep. Almonds and baby oils will function as a good makeup remover.
Finally, please remember meals rich in vitamin A. You should choose leafy vegetables and red vegetables.
Follow these simple steps and bring these ingredients to your relief for relaxing eyes this summer!

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